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– The SSM

The Socratic Sales Method (SSM) is a unique method of selling. It is based on dealing with simplicity – individual’s instinctual responses. It is question based in order to keep the entire sales process about the client. Newsweek Magazine, in an article for the August 2009 edition, said that America is in the most narcissistic state it has ever been in. The SSM is designed to deal with this in a dramatic way.

Hundreds of hours of listening to training CD’s, going to seminars, reading books and studying the best sales people went into developing this concept. The SSM is a concept rather than a process. Most sales people want that secret recipe given to them in order to increase their sales. That process simply doesn’t exist. However, if they understand the concept, they can use any process that fits their personality best. The client always sees and senses the sincerity of the representative in the sales call. It leads to an extreme reduction in stress for the rep and client in taking the sales process to a close.

SSM has some unique features that are not seen in any other sales training – anywhere! SSM develops the skill to have the client’s answer their own objections, to ask the right questions at the right time, and to use the most powerful tool for sales people (according to the people who have adopted this) SSM’s Three Magic Questions. These questions allow the client to tell the rep:

  • How and what to sell them
  • Why they need to purchase from the rep
  • Commit to the purchase prior to presenting a plan to the client

– About the President

Matt Wells started his speaking career as a Section Commander in the United States Air Force. He was called on to do leadership training for the USAF Non Commissioned Officer’s Academy. He and a good friend developed a Health and Wellness program for the USAF and presented courses to the military and the civilian sector. After leaving the Air Force, Matt began his career in sales with the Kirby Company – that’s right, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. He figured if he could succeed at the most difficult type of sales he could think of, then any other type of sale should be easy. There were a lot of Kirby’s sold in that time and one thing he learned most was how to close. He then moved on to selling health club memberships for Bally’s Health Clubs and developed a system of sales based on be-backs rather than having no be-backs. He later entered the world of Yellow Page advertising and found great success there as a salesman, manager, and senior manager, but most of all as a trainer.

It was during this time with Yellow Pages that Matt developed the SSM. He has taught it to thousands of Account Representatives and adjusted it to work with any type of sales industry. Matt has worked with companies from the media industry to fine wine distributors and all points in between. Everywhere Matt goes, sales teams are fired up and ready to hit the field as soon as the seminar is finished. The most important change for these companies is an increase in sales after Matt’s seminars.

To find out more about how Matt and the SSM can boost your sales, contact A-Fect today.