Interim Management

A-Fect provides a unique opportunity for sales organizations that is hard to find in the industry. If you need an interim manager, we can provide the service. There are times when companies can find themselves in a bind where there is a hole in their organization due to:

  • A manager leaving
  • A manager getting terminated
  • Starting a new office or market and do not have a manager in place

A-Fect will assist your company by running your team, keeping them selling, and keeping them motivated until a replacement manager can be properly found.

Some of our client’s have hired us to work with management in order to increase sales, get a team out of a slump, or speed up the selling process to reach a company dead line. A-Fect works with ownership or upper management to make sure we know the culture of the company, their processes and procedures, and their company goals for that specific time period. A-Fect’s goal is to help keep your company moving forward during a difficult time.

Upon contacting us about a possible interim management assignment, A-Fect will work with your company in discussing the mission and negotiating time frames and fees. Contact us today. A-Fect looks forward to helping your company reach your financial goals.