Jennifer Raikowski – Mueller Publishing

We have had Matt Wells at Mueller Publishing three times. We were impressed with how well he understood the YP markets. He was able to show us an effective way of selling that WORKED!! Times have changed, and Matt is ahead of the game with sales training. we would definately recommend him and look forward to having him back at our company.

THANK YOU MATT for boosting our YP sales year after year. You have been a big influence on our double digit increases.

Phil and Pat Colquette – Gulf Publishing

On behalf of the entire Gulf Publishing team, we want to say THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful creative ideas. Our reps are seeing the benefits of your three step “Magic Questions” to help our closes:

- A veteran rep of over 20 years found and used the material with positive results.

- Rep saved an account by using one simple question taught in class

-Rep saved an account from decreasing by “shutting up” and listening to what the client was                             saying.

I was most impressed with Matt’s willingness to go the extra mile. I expected a good training seminar but actually picking up the bag and calling on our clients so he could get a first hand feel for our directory went above and beyond what we expected.

We want other Publishers to know about your important contriburion. Please feel free to give our phone number out for a reference. Please accept our sincerest thanks for helping us out.


Brent Cooper – CPC Yellow Pages

I needed a jolt of sales energy into my Lowcountry-Beaufort, S.C. canvas due to the lagging renewals and lack of new sales. When Matt Wells of A-Fect called to see if I needed any sales training I told him I “needed sales”. He was quick to respond to my challenge and packed his bags and came South bringing his “sales kit” with him. In my 35 years in the yellow page business and ten years in the newspaper business I’ve never met a trainer who could roll up his sleeves and practice what he preached. It’s one thing to role play in a classroom-it’s an entirely different situation when you Actually go into the field and face the customers of today. Matt proved to me in a three week period that he can “earn his Salt” in the field.

He was given existing revenue, cancellations, and a stack of leads. Matt covered his assignment in a timely manner with great success. He ended up with a double digit increase without a single loss! Several of the leads he sold had been rejecting my salesmen for years. He even re-signed some accounts who had previously cancelled. The impression that he left my “sales associates” was that our print product is still powerful and a lot of potential in our market is “untouched”! Several of the contacts he left behind have since signed up for our next publication. Matt’s system of making 20 calls, with seven appointments, can lead to two or more closes (sales) works.

. Everybody who Is crying the “blues” should try this method of selling yellow pages.

My investment in Matt Wells paid dividends. He is welcome to come back and work with us anytime! It was definitely a win-win arrangement where we both showed a nice profit.

Deryl Truman – Info Pages

We found ourselves in a situation where our selling manager had a baby and was not able to get back into action as fast as wither of us thought she could. I called Matt Wells to see if he could free up a couple of weeks to come up and help sell her accounts in order for us not to have to extend the canvass. Matt took two weeks and came up and proved to us why he trains Yellow Page representatives and managers. He sold 47 accounts in 9 days in an area he knew nothing about, did not know our policies and practices nor our paperwork. He also took time to work with our reps to help with some of the more difficult objections they were facing. I have seen many trainers over the years but he is the first to put his ACTIONS where his WORDS are. He is the only trainer I know that can TALK THE TALK but also WALK THE WALK. His NEW training and sales strategies are obviously REAL!

Mike Meyers – Mueller Publishing

On behalf of everyone at The Central Wisconsin Mueller Book and especially owner Nate Mueller, I want to let you know how much we all feel we benefited from the time spent with you. Your unique approach to most any aspect of customer contact has already had a positive affect on our sales force and is a sure guide to assure future success of our directory sales. I can already see how the tried and proven methods you shared have had a positive affect on our sales staff. The sales staff have already been making comments on how much easier it is for them to stay in control of the call in a positive way and how sales are becoming easier with the questions they are asking. We look forward to working with you again.

David Thompson – The Better Book Phone Book

I just wanted to thank you for all your input over the last year. The first time I heard the information I found it interesting and motivating. But like most people, didn’t put it to immediate good use. After your third visit, it all came together and I understand it better than ever. I have to share with you that my overall increase for this campaign is 38%!! I am told we haven’t seen numbers like that for a while. I am not sure why all sales people are not using this method when the results are obvious, calculated and true. Thanks again.

Mac McCausland – Ziplocal

Matt Wells and his Socratic Sales Approach have provided great results for our sales professionals that embraced the concept. I hired Matt to train at our annual Sales Training Retreat and his presentation was the best yet! Matt is so energetic and personable you cant’ help but learn from him.  His presentation was spot-on and provided for our sales force an innovative opportunity for increasing sales in a challenging environment.  He has truly embraced the fact that times have changed in the sales world. Instead of re-hashing the same old stuff, he shares a process that really works! One other thing about Matt really sets him apart from the other sales training consultants out there.  He understands we’re all on a budget and does everything that he can in his travel and accommodations to help in this regard.  He doesn’t run up a big expense voucher because he is the guest speaker. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt and his A-Fect  & Yellow Pages Development Institute to any organization, (not just Yellow Pages), that is truly looking to increase sales in a very challenging environment.

Rock Clum – Valley Yellow Pages

Matt provided excellent interactive training for my Region’s sales force. He provided many great nuggets of information that the sales force could take to the field and use right away.  His follow-up was superb. We look forward to furture training opportunities.  Thanks Matt! (Great Results, Expert,High Integrity)

Deryl Truman – Info Pages

I had the opportunity of having Matt do sales training in our facility recently. He was very professional with great energy.  Matt is creative and forward-thinking in his approach to sales training, bringing the sales knowledge to today’s way of thinking. I would highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a fresh approach to help your sales team increase their sales.

Linda Holtz – Gold Pages

What a blessing to find a sales trainer and business strategist all rolled into one authentic person! Matt, thank you for bringing your unique and powerful skills and clear insights to our company.  We are looking forward to having you back in a few months.

Angela Wolter – Gold Directories

Your visit was a huge success and I feel a lot more confident in what my sales people are doing in the field.  They loved the ideas you brought to us about the sales process.  It just makes so much sense! Our reps are very excited.  One of the reps is using your material and selling well.  He even increased his canvass goal by $20,000.  He is reading the material so he can lead the training meetings.  I have my confidence back as the team leader and with your philosophies will take our team to new heights that I now know are possible.

Gayle Walsh – Nex-Tech Directories

Our reps are kicking butt!  In one week after your training, one of our reps increased her sales by 400%! Our reps are proof that your program really, really works.  The trhee magic questions have changed their lives!!  We are getting 1/2 and full page ads by just asking the right questions and getting to really kow our customers.

Terry Cranford – Treasure Coast Publishing

We were so pleased with the outcome from your seminar.  You had quite an impact with my sales reps.  your sales technique is wonderful as well as your style and flair in the classroom.  One of my newer reps was sent to Key West to work on a second year book.  She came home and said a lot of her success was due to your training regarding different personalities.  Thank you again for the great seminar, you will be welcomed back again very soon.

Mandy Burke – Pinnacle Publishing

Pinnacle Publishing is very satisfied with the training that we received from Matt with A-Fect.  He presents compelling techniques that are both educational and easy to follow, which leads to a smoother sales call for your rep and the customer.

June Kernaghan – Statewide Publishing

Matt has the talent to keep his listeners entertained, involved and inspired.  His sales methods  have given our sales reps a new improved insight on how to connect with their clients.  Not only has he helped to improve our sales but he has also shown us how to create loyalty from our clients after we have gained their sales.  The skills he has taught us will help us to retain our position as the #1 phone directory in the Bozeman area.  As Sales Manager, he has taught me organizational skills that will make my job much more productive.  Thank you Matt!

Cindy Sorter – Ad-Ventures Publishing National Media

Only one word can describe the training that A-Fect provided Ad-Ventures National Media!  PHENOMENAL!  We had our work cut out for us, after merging our start-up directory with the purchase of another directory in the area.  Matt Wells completely captured our sales team AND manager with his energy, conviction and truth.  A clear blueprint for the upcoming year was successfully implemeted, and we wouldn’t think of starting next year’s canvas without a repeat performance.

Robert Whitson – Directory Plus

We hired Matt Wells on a two-year commitment to come to Durango as an interim manager to help stimulate our Sales team and to increase sales. His training expertise helped our sales people take a different approach to sales, which in turn lead to increased sales. When the two years came to a close, we offered Matt to stay on, but also understood that he had his own business to run. We continually hire Matt on a shorter term basis to help us with specific projects. I see us continuing to use Matt’s training and management expertise well into the future.

Bruce Ehlenbeck – Directory Plus & Buzztown.com

Matt and I were colleagues for two years, and during that time our company launched a new, social media web site. This web site shared a common database with the Yellow Pages of our traditional phone book, but in all other ways it was a distinct product with a separate sales organization.

Matt worked with the manager of this new internet product and communicated the principles and techniques from his sales training program. We found that his proven approach worked as well in the sales of new media as it did in the sales of traditional media. I can personally testify to the effectiveness of the approach, as I observed a group sales presentation by the manager of the web site that resulted in the acquisition of several new customers.

In summary, Matt’s sales training program can provide your company a strong foundation for improving sales results, whether you operate in established markets, or you are launching new products.

Dennis Hanson – The Durango Herald

Matt Wells is an exceptional sales trainer – he motivates a staff, gets them engaged, and focuses them on what it takes to sell successfully. I highly recommend you let him rev your staff up!

Norm Allen – Advertising Consultant

I’ve been to a lot of sales training, and classes. The training I received from A-fect was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

The new and exciting methods that Matt Wells teaches are so fresh and innovative that you find yourself totally consumed by the training.

Matt’s high energy, and engaging personality, combined with a unique and different approach to captivating and holding the clients’ interest, is certain to motivate your sales team to hit and exceed their goals.
I highly recommend it.

Phil Johnson – Precision Ad Network

It has been a great experience working with Matt. He has a great ability to motivate as well as train. Using his SSM, my sales increased dramatically. My ability to fact-find, close sales, as well as stay positive past the “No”s was unbelievable. Sales became fun as I turned the my sales towards the best interest of the client. My increase jumped to a 97000.00 increase for one canvas. My income, as well, jumped from $45,000 a year to over $100,000 in exactly one year. I personally recommend this method of training to any company as well as its team.

From the Comment Cards

I learned new ideas I haven’t used in the field. One of my colleagues practically memorized each word you said and it made a significant difference for him.

Your message over the past 2 days has completely freed me from the bondage of “selling stupid.”

It was great learning a new and interesting method of selling, not the same old thing over and over again.

It just made such good sense to sell by using a down to earth and common-sense way to sell.

I am very excited to take this information out in the field. I do not have any previous sales experience, therefore no bad habits break. This sales concept has me looking forward to a very prosperous year.

Matt Wells is a dynamic and positive speaker and teacher. I learned some new methods I am anxious to practice and put into practical use. Overall – very good, very positive, very educational.

I appreciated the humor that Matt used in teaching us an innovative sales concept that will produce results. His use of real frontline situations helped me immensely. He has definitely “walked the walk”

The “Three Magic Questions” were absolutely awesome – what an eye opener!

Amazing how he held our attention for two days – that is almost unheard of in the sales word.

Extremely informative and well thought out presentation.

It is clear to me now that if I do what most sales people don’t do, we will get what most sales people don’t have – success!

I felt Matt Wells “nailed it!”

I will beg my manager to have Matt come back again and again and again…

Positive, progressive, current – that says it all.

It is amazing that I now have a means where I can get a commitment to purchase from my clients without even showing them the product – AMAZING!

Matt was insightful, funny, informative and energetic – Best seminar ever!

TWO THUMBS UP! Very insightful and entertaining. His expertise was evident and clearly communicated strategies that I feel comfortable in using in the field. Thank you Matt.

The new ideas, especially the Three Magic Questions, were great. Can’t wait to put them to use.

I really like the idea of a concept rather than a process. I can’t wait to put my personality to this and to use the Three Magic Questions.

WOW! I loved the whole thing – but the Three Magic Questions blew me away.