Brent Cooper – CPC Yellow Pages

I needed a jolt of sales energy into my Lowcountry-Beaufort, S.C. canvas due to the lagging renewals and lack of new sales. When Matt Wells of A-Fect called to see if I needed any sales training I told him I “needed sales”. He was quick to respond to my challenge and packed his bags and came South bringing his “sales kit” with him. In my 35 years in the yellow page business and ten years in the newspaper business I’ve never met a trainer who could roll up his sleeves and practice what he preached. It’s one thing to role play in a classroom-it’s an entirely different situation when you Actually go into the field and face the customers of today. Matt proved to me in a three week period that he can “earn his Salt” in the field.

He was given existing revenue, cancellations, and a stack of leads. Matt covered his assignment in a timely manner with great success. He ended up with a double digit increase without a single loss! Several of the leads he sold had been rejecting my salesmen for years. He even re-signed some accounts who had previously cancelled. The impression that he left my “sales associates” was that our print product is still powerful and a lot of potential in our market is “untouched”! Several of the contacts he left behind have since signed up for our next publication. Matt’s system of making 20 calls, with seven appointments, can lead to two or more closes (sales) works.

. Everybody who Is crying the “blues” should try this method of selling yellow pages.

My investment in Matt Wells paid dividends. He is welcome to come back and work with us anytime! It was definitely a win-win arrangement where we both showed a nice profit.


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