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We found ourselves in a situation where our selling manager had a baby and was not able to get back into action as fast as wither of us thought she could. I called Matt Wells to see if he could free up a couple of weeks to come up and help sell her accounts in order for us not to have to extend the canvass. Matt took two weeks and came up and proved to us why he trains Yellow Page representatives and managers. He sold 47 accounts in 9 days in an area he knew nothing about, did not know our policies and practices nor our paperwork. He also took time to work with our reps to help with some of the more difficult objections they were facing. I have seen many trainers over the years but he is the first to put his ACTIONS where his WORDS are. He is the only trainer I know that can TALK THE TALK but also WALK THE WALK. His NEW training and sales strategies are obviously REAL!


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