Phil and Pat Colquette – Gulf Publishing

On behalf of the entire Gulf Publishing team, we want to say THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful creative ideas. Our reps are seeing the benefits of your three step “Magic Questions” to help our closes:

- A veteran rep of over 20 years found and used the material with positive results.

- Rep saved an account by using one simple question taught in class

-Rep saved an account from decreasing by “shutting up” and listening to what the client was                             saying.

I was most impressed with Matt’s willingness to go the extra mile. I expected a good training seminar but actually picking up the bag and calling on our clients so he could get a first hand feel for our directory went above and beyond what we expected.

We want other Publishers to know about your important contriburion. Please feel free to give our phone number out for a reference. Please accept our sincerest thanks for helping us out.



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