Dealing with the Internet

We have all heard a lot of talk about the Internet taking over Yellow Pages (YP) as strong marketing tool and how the Internet will make YP obsolete. We have all dealt with clients that deliver the objection of “I am doing all my marketing through the Internet” – or some version of that objection.

To help yourself deal with this objection, you first need to create the proper mind set for yourself. It is not a factor of either – or when it comes to this marketing strategy. There is no need to feel like you have to find a way to fight the internet. Just like you do when dealing with the objection about other forms of media (radio, television, newspaper, etc) YP is an enhancement for any marketing your clients are doing. YP is still the number one means of marketing an Internet site. Adjust your mindset and use some of the following strategies to help your client maximize their YP and Internet marketing.

  • Start re-designing your ads to reflect a larger pull to the client’s web address. This way the client is marketing their website to the YP users as well as receiving the dramatic effect of increased business from their YP program.
  • Use the ADP Myth Buster sales tool that shows the largest increase in YP users is the demographic ages 24-35. This demographic is using the YP as a local search to find websites of local businesses. They go to the book, find a website and log on. Or they use the Internet as a research source and then go to the YP to find the local businesses to contact.
  • Ask the question “Mr. Jones, what are you doing right now to promote and market your website?” This question will open up a discussion on how YP is a key strategy to draw people to their website as well as to their business directly.
  • Ask the question “If your Internet marketing was just 10% more effective, how would that affect your business?”
  • Check your directory under the heading of Internet Marketing and then ask your client “If YP is going by the way side, then why would Internet Marketing companies advertise in the YP?”

These are just some ideas in order for you to deal with the Internet objection when it comes to YP advertising. Feel free to use these in the field (they have been well tested with great results) or use these ideas to create your own versions by twisting and turning them and then test them in the field. Bring these ideas to your sales meetings and brain storm with your colleagues to find new and innovative ideas to help each other out.

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