As a leader, influence is one of the most important factors you can instill. Most leaders feel their position is the infuence they need and people should follow them because of their title. Due to this, these people find that when great ideas are brought to the table, they try to instigate the idea and it’s like pulling teeth to get others to join in – yet they all thought it was a great idea. So then the next phase for these leaders begins – the DEMAND phase. “You will follow me or else.” Have you ever been around that one person that doesn’t say a whole lot but when they do people take notice? Have you ever met the person that just has that aura that makes you want to follow them and your not sure why? These are the people of influence. Examine their behavior, attitude and personality. Find for yourself what you like in the way they lead and put those factors to use for yourself. Look for the traits of a great influencer – they are always honest and truthful, they look for solutions rather than fault, they mentor others, they find value in others, they let people know what value they bring to the table, they find a way to bring value to others they work with, they don’t look to get reccognition – they give it. Look to yourself as to what type leader you are. Start each day by telling a colleague what value you have in them. Even if it hurts, always be honest and truthful. Recognize others that are doing well even if it was your idea. Watch what happens to your INFLUENCE.

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