Slump? What Slump?

It happens to all of us. We are going along great, meeting good clients, making nice sales – then it happens. Sales start slipping, renewal clients are going backward, and it seems almost impossible to get someone new to sign a contract. Then the unthinkable. We start questioning our own abilities and skills. You are in good company because I don’t know anyone who has not found themselves in a slump.

The key is what you decide to do about it!

I think back on what my wife said to me – “I,…I,… I just can’t stand to look at your face.” Granted, I had a slump in my eating and exercise habits, but this certainly seemed to be a wake-up call. She was actually referring to the food left on my face after eating, but the comment still reminded me that I was in a health slump. So, what do you do?

The number one thing to do is go back to basics. Basics are what gave you success in the beginning and they can give the same success later down the road. Most slumps begin by sales people over thinking and overanalyzing their approach to sales. Unfortunately, we become so smart about what we do, that we forget what we are doing.

Try this:

First, wipe your mind clean. Clear out all the cobwebs, all the lame thoughts, all the thoughts about you having bad leads, bad management, bad skills – everything negative. WIPE IT OUT! Some people get so caught up in the littlest of irritants, that have been there all long, but only come out when sales are down. Therefore, the main cure is to clean up your act and get your ATTITUDE and head on straight.

Second, find a manager, trainer, colleague or mentor (or all of them) and let them know you feel like you are in a slump. Role play with them, let them go on sales calls with you and brainstorm with them. All it takes is to have the humility to let someone know you would like their help. You may just find some new and exciting ways to sell and overcome objections.

Third, go back to basics. Remember to keep everything you do and say – focused on the client. This will take the bulk of the stress off you and keep the focus where it should be – on the client. This will also keep your mind open and ready to move in directions based on the clients actions and words. Once you focus on the client, your focus on yourself goes away. This will help you ease your mind from being in a slump and the client will help you walk them through the sale.

Fourth, find all the training material you can that will help you to adjust your ATTITUDE and get back to basics. Listen to discs by Bob Moab (Edge Learning Institute) or Tony Robbins. Use any and all means you can think of to regain mental control.

Slumps are all in the mind. Let your mind fix them.

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