Three Words to Live By

Your success rate, in any kind of sale or conversation, is determined by your attitude toward the person, and company, that is sitting across the table from you. Sometimes our minds get twisted around and all we think about is making the sale. In these cases we stop listening correctly and our agenda is all around what WE want to sell them – not what is right for their business. Therefore, we have a solution for you. Keep these three words in your head at all times and you will find dramatic changes in your sales.

PURPOSE: This was discussed in the previous Tidbit, but is worth going over again in association with the other two words. Everything you do or present to the client must have a purpose that fits the client’s means of business. Most clients that do not buy relate their decision back to the product and the presentation NOT having a definative purpose for their business and where they are taking their company. It is not that they don’t see value in you or your product, it just isn’t fitting the company at this time.

APPROPRIATE: Along with Purpose, Appropriate is another word that can make or break sales. Keeping in mind who the client is (personality wise) and finding out the culture of the business and where it is heading will lead you to designing a presentation that is appropriate for your client. Have all the parts in your presentation that are important to your client and make sure the timing of your product and what it can do fits your client.

EXPECTATIONS: This is the third word to keep in your head. If you develop a program and presentation that has purpose for your client, appropriate for where their business is today and meets or exeeds their expectations, then it is hit.

The only way to make sure you have these three words covered before doing a presentation is to Fact Find sufficiently before developing a presentation. Therefore, your Fact Finding questions and conversation should be build around these three words. When you present the product(s), let the client know vicariously how the product(s) fit these three areas. That is how sales are made. In personal visits to sales organizations (on-site training) we have the ability and time to get very deep into these three words and develop methods for you to follow to ensure greater success.

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