What is the Purpose?

I have performed hundreds of ride-a-longs with outside Sales Associates and one of the most common items I see is a lack of purpose in the things they do. Even in their introduction, there is a lack of purpose for their appearence in the client’s place of business. Recently, I was working with a Telephone Sales crew and all the reps performed the exact same way – go over the information they have about the client (varify the information) then ask the client if they had ever or would ever consider buying their product. Take a wild guess as to  what the answer was from the client; every client! Here is the big question – If doing what you are doing does not elicit the results you are seeking, then WHY KEEP DOING THE SAME THING!? The solution was actually quite simple. In order for people of today’s markets to purchase, there must be a PURPOSE for them to buy:  an enhancement to their company, help in reaching a goal, help in actualizing a dream, attracting different customers, etc. The Sales Associates that made the effort to create purpose, made sales – go figure.

In working with outside sales reps, I see the same thing – they put very little purpose in the purchase of their product. With renewal clients, the reps want the client to do more (buy more) and after making sure they will at least get the renewal dollars back, suggest doing more with the client. How do you think that suggestion is received? Exactly the same way it was received with the Telephone Sales Associates. If a sales person you have purchased a product from comes to you to make sure you renew your order then suggests you do more – just for the sake of spending more money – would you do it? What will this extra purchase do for the client? What kind of posture does it hold for them against their competiton? How does it help them reach a new fininacial goal for their company? What would it mean to the client personally? Is there a vision that can be realized with the added purchase?

Just food for thought.

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