It is still amazing how many sales people are are continually whining.  “Gas costs too much – I get all of the bad leads – why do I have to travel so much – maybe admin should learn that they work for us – the owner hates sales people – the manager shows favoritism” – and the list goes on-and-on.  What we seem to forget, at times, is that we are in sales for several key reasons.

One: If we want a raise, we go sell more.  What a great way to live.  We do not have to do anything but sell more to get a reaise.  Our raise is not determined by how many people we sucked up to and how well I perform in office politics.  You want more money? Go get it TODAY!

Two: FREEDOM!  What other job could you have that allows you to have the freedom to take care life things so easily while being employed.  We do not need to wait until lunch to make a deposit at the bank – when do you have your hair cut? The soccer game is at three – I’ll be there.  The problem for most sales people is handling the freedom in an appropriate manner.  Even though we have a alot  of freedom, you still need to map your day out – each and every day – in a way that maximizes your productivity – even if you are going to the soccer game.  Take the job and freedom very, very seriously.

Three – MONEY!  This is similar to getting a raise, but the overall availability and the opportunity to make a very good living comes with sales.  Not everyone can sell.  Therefore, they get to make $10, $20 or $30 per hour.  We can make much more every hour of every day if we put our minds to it – there is no one there to stop us.  The only reason some sales people do not make six figures a year is because of their attitude toward making that kind of money and their attitude toward sales.  These are the whiners.  Whiners do not consistantly make well into the six figures a year.  Stop whining and start making money.  If you are not a whiner and not making that kind of money, then you need ot start reading.  There are hundreds of sources out there that can help you to set goals and teach you how to achieve them. Get them, read them, and do what they say.  The people making over $200,000 really do not complain about gas prices.  Make the money it takes to stop your whining – you are the only one holding you back.

Be happy – feel fortunate – find the appreciation for being a sales person and let the people who hired you know how much you appreciate them and the opportunity they put in front of you.

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