Do you really want to improve your sales ability?  Then why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Yes, this is the definition of insanity. Understanding the root psychology of sales will improve your ability to sell – no matter what strategies you use.  The most prolific sales people in the world ask themselves “WHY” on a constant basis.  However, the question runs layers and layers deep.  For example, a call doesn’t go the way you expected it to go.  You go back to the car, ask yourself why and answer with “well, that particular potential client was a real jerk” and then you drive off to the next one. The question of “why” must be taken layers deep.  Why did you do what you did with that client? How did they respond? Why did they respond that way? What question did you ask? Why did you ask that question? What prompted you to ask that question or make that statement? What were you thinking at the time? What do you think the client was thinking? THE BIG QUESTION OF THE DAY “COULD YOU HAVE SOLD YOURSELF? This is the biggest question you can ask yourself.  The problem for most sales people is that we have a tendency to lie to ourselves dramatically to help make us feel better about ourselves.  You must honest with yourself if you expect to gain improvement.  Working with media sales reps that have renewals to call on, we asked them if this sounded familiar -

Rep – “Mr. Jones, it is that time again to take a look at your program and renew it for the next issue”                                      Client – “alright, so what did I do last year?”

Rep – “Well, let’s take a look. Here is your program for the last issue”

Client – “How much did I spend?”

Rep – “You spent $_______”

Client -”How much will it be this year?”

Rep-”It will $_____ more, but you still have plenty of discount working for you with this amount.”

Client – “Well then, I am going to have to cut it all or at least cut it down. Times are tough!”

For some reason this has been extremely familiar with media reps. If it is that familiar, then why in the heck do you do it??? If you are not getting the results you want, then change the approach.  When a person from  retail store comes up to you and asks “may I help you?”, what is your response?  We all know it is “no, just looking.”  Since we all know the answer, then why – if you are a retailer – would you ever ask that question.  There are solutions to these and other situations, but the main road to success is asking yourself “why” in everything you do.  Feel free to contact us if you would like some ideas on how to change your approach.

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